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Our Vision is for our church to be an Oasis, a place where you can find safety and be refreshed. It's our hope that the way we live our lives will make Earth more like Heaven.

In short, our vision is simply this:

On Earth as it is in Heaven

Vision gives us stability, guidance, joy and excitement. And there is just such an excitement about what God is already doing here and what He is bringing about. Such God-given vision gives glory to God and fits us into His eternal purpose. A true vision from God is not self-seeking, but praises God and glorifies Jesus.

Our desire is that we all:

  • meet personally with Jesus;  
  • experience the Father-heart of God;
  • encounter the healing power of the Holy Spirit;
  • ​live transformed lives through the outworking of the Gospel;
  • bring about change in our community, both practically and spiritually.

As we seek after God in this place, we find ourselves, like Peter, on the shore, with our boats and nets ready and being encouraged by Jesus to Launch Out. In the flesh it seems impossible, but with God all things are possible.

With God all things are possible

Vision is the ability to see beyond the surface of human potential. It's not what we are but what we desire to become.

Vision is a mental picture of a desired future. It's a picture that can be seen of what is not yet, but of what can be. Our present belief is reflective of our vision. Where we are in life is directly connected to our vision or our lack of vision. 

There's a Japanese proverb which says;

Vision without action is a daydream,

but action without vision is a nightmare.

The vision we have for this place is God-given. Many of our church members are already aware of those who are passionate to see Heaven on Earth. They know, understand, believe and see the Gospel as having the power to change a community, to change a town, to change a country for endless generations.