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Kingdom Mindset 1

How to get free from ungodly beliefs about yourself and live in the light of Papa God’s truth?

Kingdom Mindset 2

Knowing Papa’s acceptance depends not on our achievements but on the saving love of God alone. It’s this acceptance Papa God wants us to know and experience.

Kingdom Mindset 3

When we constantly beg God to act over a particular problem we’re demonstrating our unbelief. Asking once is enough. After that we need to thank Him for His answer...

Igniting Faith

This life-changing book is short in length but powerful in effect. Igniting Faith in 40 Days is a great personal devotional and can also be used in Home Groups. 

Let 's Just Laugh ...

Expose and break off the power of lies. Receive life-changing hope by believing the truth. Increase in joy through obtaining higher perspectives in life.

Heaven & Earth

Today, we understand that the earth is a planet spinning around a star in one small section of a vast network of galaxies. However, biblical authors had a much different view ...